If you are thinking about traveling to a foreign country for a vacation, consider checking out a casino while visiting. There are thousands upon thousands of casinos throughout the world, and many are part of the tradition and history of the areas in which they are located.


If heading to Europe, for example, countries like Germany, France, and Great Britain have a long history of casinos. France, for example, is the leader among European countries and has several hundred establishments throughout the country. Most are located near seaside resorts and are part of the attraction that tourists seek when selecting a vacation destination. The south of France, especially the Riviera, is home to numerous casinos that are very well known to travelers.

Those traveling to North America can choose from a multitude of casinos in Canada and the United States. Many of the larger cities in both countries offer casino entertainment. Those vacationing in the islands of the Caribbean can enjoy some gambling. The Bahamas, for instance, offers tourists the Atlantis Paradise Island and Crystal Palace Casinos. The most well-known casinos in the US are located in Las Vegas, widely considered a mecca among gamblers.

World travelers may be surprised but there are a variety of casinos in China, more specifically on the Macau Peninsula. Vacationers in Australia can enjoy the Outback, the Great Barrier Reef, a trip to New Zealand, and they can also enjoy some of the countries fine casinos. Larger cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane all have major casinos. Even many of the cities of New Zealand offer casino entertainment to tourists.

No matter where you travel, there is most likely a casino nearby. Before booking your foreign vacation, check out available casinos to add to your vacation stops.